The Restaurant 

Upon entering the door of Bica do Sapato one can feel that the space that now hosts this restaurant was once an old port building. Ample space, the river view and especially the bustle of ships arriving and departing from the Cais da Pedra.

Abusing of the privilege of having an outdoor terrace, where the sun almost never sets, or shielded by the glass walls of the inside room, the Bica do Sapato restaurant tricks time with small updates. The photograph panels change from day to night, the flower arrangements reinvent themselves during the week, brunch is served on Sunday afternoons during the autumn and winter. A menu with tapas later replaces it when summer arrives. The introduction of new cuisine themes in the menu is constant. 

Opening hours 

Monday 17pm — 00am
Tuesday to saturday 12pm — 00am

Brunch Sunday 12H30 — 16H
(closed from July to August)


Manuel Bóia


António Marques

António Marques, pastry chef at "Bica" is an example of experience and dedication. 25 years ago, he began his career as an apprentice baker in a small bakery in La Rochelle, France. Through the meanders of kitchen hierarchy (2nd class confectioner, 1st class confectioner.....) and the regions where he worked (Paris, St. Moritz, Cascais, Hong Kong), António Marques has been perfecting the proposals that today, and since 2007, he exhibits at the Bica do Sapato restaurant.

The Sushi-bar

On the first floor, the space reserved to the sushi bar lets its work counters do the talking. Latitude and longitude measurements that place Lisbon on the map and suddenly this sushi bar could be anywhere – in the East or West.

These work counters of Bica’s sushi bar are the witnesses of the rare and stateless fusion cuisine found here.

Opening hours

Monday to saturday 7:30pm — 00am

João Duarte

João Duarte arrived in Lisbon through the doors of Eleven, a restaurant with a Michelin star, he establishes himself at Arola at the Penha Longa Resort, Sintra, where he is later transferred to the Midori, the Japanese restaurant at the same hotel. With fish as his main objective, since late 2013, he has also been bringing new fusion cuisine proposals to the Bica do Sapato sushi bar. 

The Outdoor Terrace 

 We could say that the terrace here has seven lives.

The summer dinners or when lunching in the sun, the tapas menu served anytime and the coffees drunk while sitting contemplating the river. The cocktails or the music chosen by DJs every weekend. And when the winter sun permits, the terrace gains an extra life, confounding the gray days.

Opening Hours

Monday 5pm — 00am
Tuesday to saturday 12pm — 00am